Palau’s early history is still largely veiled in mystery. Why, how or when people arrived on our beautiful islands is unknown, but studies indicate that today’s Palauans are distant relatives of the Malays of Indonesia, Melanesians of New Guinea and Polynesians. As for the date of their arrivals, carbon dating of artifacts from the oldest known village sites on the Rock Islands and the spectacular terraces on Babeldaob place civilization here as early as 1,000 BC.

Palau and Britain’s relationship dates back to 1783, when East India Company’s packet ship ‘Antelope’ under the command of Captain Henry Wilson, was shipwrecked on a reef near Ulong, a Rock Island located between Koror and Peleliu, Palau. With the assistance of Koror’s High Chief Ibedul, Captain Wilson and his men stayed for three months to rebuild his ship. Palau’s Prince Lee Boo later went to England with Captain Wilson, where he fell to smallpox six months after their arrival and is buried at St. Mary’s Rotherhihte. The encounter precipitated a trading link resulting in an excellent historical relationship between United Kingdom and Palau. For those of you who are interested in knowing more about this historical journey, please view a Google digitised pdf Second Edition (1788) copy of ‘An Account of the Pelew Islands’ and weblink to a book ‘The Interesting History of Prince Lee Boo’ written at the time.

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The Republic of Palau consists of eight principal islands and more than 300 smaller ones lying roughly 500 miles southeast of the Philippines. The islands of Palau constitute part of the Caroline Islands chain. About 70% of Palauans live in the city of Koror. The capital relocated in 2006 from Koror to Ngerulmud..


Palau’s per capita GDP – of $8,812.3 makes it one of the wealthier Pacific Island states


Tourism (and its attendant infrastructure changes) is Palau’s main industry. Our major draws are our diverse and pristine marine environment, making it a world-class diving centre, and a tropical island beauty. Visitors mainly come from Taiwan, Japan, China and the US. A number of British tourists also visit Palau every year.
China Airlines, Korean Air, Asiana Aiirlines, Japan Airlines and United Airlines have direct flights to Koror Airport, Palau from Taiwan, Korea and Guam.


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